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UK scientists discover a new way to help prevent breast cancer ‘time bomb’

Scientists have discovered why breast cancer cells that have spread to the lungs may ‘wake up’ following years of sleep - forming incurable secondary tumours.

13 Mar 2023

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Breast Cancer Now expands its #NoTimeToWaste campaign as data reveals over one million women in England missed out on vital breast cancer screening last year

Today’s latest Breast Screening Performance data for 2021-22 reveals that the percentage of women taking up their invitation to breast screening in England is still worryingly below pre-COVID levels, and over one million women missed out on vital breast cancer screening last year.*

17 Feb 2023

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Targeting variant of common protein may dramatically boost effectiveness of breast cancer treatment

A rare variant of a protein present in nearly all human cells may hold the key to improving the effectiveness of breast cancer treatment, according to new research funded by Breast Cancer Now.

05 Jan 2023

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Glasgow scientists discover key to supercharging immunotherapy’s ability to stop breast cancer spreading to the lung

Breast cancer immunotherapy could be more effective if an immune cell that prevents it from working is targeted at the same time, according to new Breast Cancer Now and Secondary1st funded research.

07 Dec 2022

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Breast Cancer Now funds Belfast research project to identify pandemic’s impact on diagnosis and treatment

Breast cancer patients will be asked to share their experiences of the pandemic with Belfast scientists as part of a new research project funded by Breast Cancer Now.

21 Oct 2022

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Half of UK women say pandemic had ‘significant impact’ on their wait for and experience of breast reconstruction

Half of the women who took part in a Breast Cancer Now survey in the UK say the COVID-19 pandemic had a "significant impact" on them.

19 Oct 2022

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Research seeks to call time on breast cancer by harnessing the power of the body clock

Scientists investigate whether breast cancer patients could benefit from taking medication at specific times of the day.

08 Sept 2022

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Extra radiotherapy boost helps prevent early form of breast cancer returning

In the first trial of its kind, scientists followed 1,608 women with higher risk ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) from 136 participating centres in 11 countries. 

23 Aug 2022

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Breast Cancer Now Tissue Bank celebrates 10 years of ground-breaking global research

The Breast Cancer Now Tissue Bank opened in 2012 to give researchers access to high-quality breast tissue, breast cells and blood samples from breast cancer patients. By doing so, the Breast Cancer Now Tissue Bank has accelerated progress towards faster diagnosis and better treatments.

12 Aug 2022

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Breast Cancer Now funds search for new treatments inspired by COVID-19 vaccine innovation

Breast Cancer Now is funding research for new treatments for an aggressive form of breast cancer.

04 Aug 2022

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44% of women with breast cancer say it negatively impacted their body image

44% of women said having breast cancer negatively impacted their body image and a quarter (25%) said the same for their sense of identity, according to new research1 published by Breast Cancer Now today (Wednesday 25 May).

25 May 2022

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More than 700 walkers cross the finish line at Breast Cancer Now’s Blenheim Palace and the Cotswolds Pink Ribbon Walk

Women and men wearing pink walked 10 or 20 miles on the Pink Ribbon Walk to raise money for Breast Cancer Now’s world-class breast cancer research and support.

17 May 2022